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    What to do to help yourself.


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    What to do to help yourself.

    Post by Vishesh on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:07 pm

    12 Hours before the exam :-

    Leave all studies and preps.

    Have at least 8 hours sleep.

    Pay attention to KEYTIME (ask school for it).
    While leaving home grab a chewing gum/toffee and RedBull.

    Engulf RB right before you enter the centre so that by the time you start caffeine and
    tourine kicks in to enhance concentration and mood.

    Go through the paper as a whole once, put CG/toffee in and go through paper again. This finishes adrenaline rush and makes you ready for an outstanding, fast
    and best work piece ever created. Take good 10 minutes for this.

    Attempt easy questions first and more technical after that.

    Never mitch mitch cut any answer written but simply cancel, if require, with two lines over.

    Never hesitate to put your own point of view.

    Write short and to the point answers.

    All the best, and enjoy

    - Vishesh

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